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Media Costuming Links

Post by NZ_Jackie on Mon Jan 04, 2010 6:27 am

This Topic has all the links that I think nearly every Media-Based Costumer needs.

These Links are awesome, a must for anyone looking for a solution to a Costuming Problem.

A Rare Notion - As well as being a History Link, this site has some awesome things that can be used for Media Replica's (ie Victorian Styled Movies etc) I personally LOVE this site Very Happy

Maggie's Costumers Guide - FULL of GREAT Reference Pictures of Media Costumes
Maggie also Runs:
Padawan's Guide
Ever After Costumes

Cat runs this site, mostly Lord of the Rings. This is THE site that brought me into the world of Costuming:
AlleyCat Scratch
She also has a King Kong section:
AlleyCat King Kong

I, of course have to Link Anaria's Site, if you read through it, there are some cool ways to make certain things ;D ((read up on how she made Padme's Lake Dress Very Happy)
Anaria's Costumes

Cosplay Wiki, run by the new SPCC (Society for the promotion of cosplay culture)
Cosplay Wiki
And here is the Link to their site, it includes all the upcoming SPCC fund-raising Events in 2010:

The Australian Costumers' Guild, now I want to link these guys because, well, there are some awesome people/threads there:

More Media Links will be added as I remember where I put them...

I will forever Love Movies
I will forever Love Costumes/Garb
Combining them was the next Natural step Very Happy

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