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Online pattern resources

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Copying from my thread on the NZ Cosplay community, I'll update it some more as I find more links.

Men's and womens

Burda free patterns
Mostly user added content.

Vintage and Antique patterns: one week only!
is guest, password is pattern. Do a search for age, gender and type of
garment going year by year can be a bit tedious, I would like to go
decade by decade personally Smile The evening dresses are great,
especially the 30s, 40s and 70s Smile
The scans are of the pattern
envelopes and do include the pattern layout. This may seem really
daunting but they are a fantastic learning source Smile If you print the
images to full a full A4 you can then cut the pieces out and sellotape
them together to get an idea of how the patterns work and then you can
look at how to scale them up and also how to adapt them.
You now need to register, and if you are comfortable scaling up patterns then this would be a worthwhile investment.

Create a couture inspired gown
Now this is great, instructions, pattern and layout all able to be printed at home Smile

Late historic
Cutter's Practical guide. Men's patterns from tailcoats to military uniforms.
Thompson's Universal System, by Mrs. F. E. Thompson, c.1899. Women's patterns of 1899
The Ladies Tailor, Vol. XXVII. No. 3. March 1911, London.
Thornton's International System of Ladies' Garment Cutting (London, c.1912)
Patterns and Pictures from Maurice Leloir's Histoire du Costume (17th to 19thC)
18th Century Clothing Patterns
Women's Clothing Patterns and Household Design Templates from St. Petersburg's "Neva" Magazine 1905-1913
Other Over Printed Patterns For Download
Tara's Historical Patterns from Antique & Vintage Clothes

Danish museum patterns (just click the first date then "naeste" to se the next costume and then the thumbnails for different views and patterns)

Victorian links

Enlarging historic patterns

Historic patterns from the above site

Early historic
Modern drafting for 16thC bodice

17th C. Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth Costume

16th and early 17thC diagrams

16thC cutting books

Smock generator

Elizabethan corset generator

Renaissance garb from a Czech woman:
Loose gown pattern (click the very bottom image)
Kirtle pattern (click "střih", ditto for all following)
Flemish jacket
Flemish kirtle
Doublet gown and corset
French gown:
Shoulder cape
English gown:
She has more in the Gothic and Baroque sections of her site.

Quick medieval patterns
Not completely accurate but the basic shapes are right (really just need to "railroad" seam lines to make them look more accurate). Compare them to the diagrams of the extant Spanish items on her site:

Waterfall drapery (yes mine but it's online and free)
half circle skirt
(yes mine but it's online and free)
can can petticoat
(yes mine but it's online and free)


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