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Post by Raenef on Mon Mar 17, 2008 7:15 am

Hello everyone Smile

I don't have a long history of costuming, but here is what there is.

I started in 2002 with a Auckland Anime Club cosplay evening. After that I started entering the Armageddon cosplay competitions and recently I have branched out a bit more.
In the SCA I am known as Yvain Miller. I haven't started making any outfits yet, but I'm thinking I'll do 13th century.
In the Winnowed Spinach Genteel Ladies Tea Appreciation Society I'm Felicity Sweet. I'm Madam Chronicler and enjoy mucking around with my camera.
In future Armageddon's I'll be getting the chance to do more camera-tom-foolery as I'll be photographing the contestants in the judging room and on the stage.
I also attend the annual January Lolita Picnic and Serenity Now screenings in costume.

My next costume attempt will be a steampunk outfit for the Balloon's Over Waikato festival and a Mad Hatter's Tea Party Very Happy

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